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There are 10 units within the course each broken down into a number of easy to manage lessons covered by videos and articles:

  • Window Tint Basics

    Introduction to the basics of window tint including how to handle it, laws, suppliers and they types of window tint and roll sizes available.

  • Equipment and Workspace
    Equipment & Workspace

    The different types of tools available, what you'll need and how to use them, and how to set up your workspace.

  • Window cleaning and preparation
    Cleaning & Preparation

    How to correctly clean and prepare each type of window so that you get the cleanest tint jobs.

  • How to tint side windows
    Fixed Side Windows

    I'll show you how to mark out and hand cut templates for fixed side windows, and how to install your tint to them.

  • Tinting roll down windows
    Roll Down Windows

    Different methods for hand cutting templates and installing tint to roll down windows, including how to tint without removing any door cards or seals.

  • Window tint rear windscreen
    Rear Windscreens

    I'll show you different methods for heat shrinking rear windscreen tint and how to install it onto hatchback and saloon/coupe cars.

  • How to tint dot matrix
    Dot Matrix

    Various methods on how to deal with dot matrix issues.

  • Window tint removal
    Window Tint Removal

    Offer an extra service by removing old window tint - I'll cover different methods for easy removal.

  • Window tint marketing
    Business Information

    Find out how much to charge, how to market your business, how to keep your customers happy and get the most money out of each job.

  • Useful information
    Industry Tips

    Extra tips and information that you'll find useful as you progress on your window tinting journey.

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Georgina from GP Designs signed up to our course at the start of lockdown in 2020. They have now added window tinting to their existing business.


Hi Tom - Just completed your training course, which was amazing and you made everything so clear, especially for a newbie like me. Glad you're on hand for any issues I have.



Thanks for the course Tom - I have picked up the tinting really well and would say I have now tinted around 40 cars.

Thanks again



They provide detailed videos with even the smallest details explained. I am glad the videos are available 24/7 so I can refer back to them as I was practicing. Great value - I would highly recommend the training course.

Thanks, Ahmed

I signed up to the training course mid 2020 during lockdown as I've always played around with window tint but never really been shown a correct procedure. I have to say that this course is brilliant.
Very clear in every aspect from explanation's on various techniques depending on what type of window you're tinting through to what tools to use and even some guidance on the business side of things.
The biggest benefit for me is you have the course at hand 24/7 which is a massive advantage over going on a physical training course.
Following this course I've gone from tinting as a hobby to now offering as a bolt on to my existing work. Fantastic value for money and would recommend to anyone who's interested in taking up window tinting as a hobby or a profession.


Absolutely fantastic course completely worth the money. Best value for money - I've 10 jobs lined up already. Course is well done and shows you everything you need to do. Couldn't recommend the course more.


Over 30 Lessons Across 10 In-Depth Modules

  • 1. Basics
    • Introduction Video (3:54)
    • Roll Sizes Article
    • Suppliers Article
    • Types of Window Tint Article
    • Window Tinting Laws Article
    • Factory Fitted vs Aftermarket Article
    • Types of Window Tint Article
    • Pre-cut Window Tint Article
  • 2. Equipment and Workspace
    • Equipment and Workspace Overview Video (6:55)
  • 3. Cleaning and Preparation
    • Cleaning and Preparation Overview Video (5:46)
  • 4. Fixed Side Windows
    • Side Window Templates Video (7:12)
    • Side Window Installation Video (12:13)
  • 5. Roll Down Windows
    • Roll Down Window Templates Video (8:03)
    • Rear Quarter Window Templates Video (3:30)
    • Roll Down Installation Video (11:10)
    • Roll Down Installation - Two Stage Method Video (13:51)
    • Frameless Roll Down Windows Article
  • 6. Rear Windscreens
    • Rear Windscreen Introduction Video (1:29)
    • Windscreen Preparation and Cleaning Video (5:48)
    • Heat shrinking - Soap Method Video (14:40)
    • Heat shrinking - Talc Method Video (12:54)
    • Installation - Hatchback models Video (10:25)
    • Installation - Saloon/Coupe Video (9:28)
  • 7. Dot Matrix
    • Large Matrix - Vinyl Article
    • Large Matrix - Painting Article
    • Large Matrix - Sanding and Gluing Article
  • 8. Window Tint Removal
    • Rear Windscreen Tint Removal - Ammonia Video (3:11)
    • Tint removal - Adhesive Remover Method Video (4:03)
    • Tint Removal - Razor Blade Video (2:59)
  • 9. Business Information
    • Pricing Guide
    • Upselling Guide
    • Customers Guide
    • Marketing/Sales Guide
  • 10. Industry Tips (Bonus Module)
    • The latest inside information and tips

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